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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. >> the longest serving u.s. senator has died today. 82-year-old arlen specter passed away after a battle with cancer. >> it is not the first time he faced a health crisis, but he never let it get in a way of his political service. >> he will be remembered as a politician who never shied away from a battle. even when serious medical illness threaten his life multiple times, the kansas born specter graduated from the university of pennsylvania and yale law school kicking off a lifelong commitment to public service. he was the longest serving senator in pennsylvania history. >> arlen specter is an icon in pennsylvania. he started out as a young lawyer working for the warren commission after president kennedy was assassinated and built a national reputation, he became of senator at a young age. he would be down at the stands at three rivers stadium introducing himself saying he wanted to know the whole stadium. >> he was not afraid to tackle political issues right down the middle. >> i think people will say that is what an
of the question. on what'sa check ocean cityght now in bade things are not so now, but brad bell joins us live. how do things look? >> not so bad? that's easy for you to say. you're talking about 60 miles winds, and you are right. yet at thiseen that point. this is showing a steady 20 hour wind with gusts around 35, but what is really down here is the surf. it is morally, to borrow a surfing term. waves are 10, 15, and maybe even 20 feet. is rarehe things that see is that the waves are all the way out to the boardwalk, to the sea wall. very heavy concrete seawall in isosceles. that i had noto seen before in many years of covering storms. that was the water coming up swashing over the seawall at one point. it was just falling, but some as well. there will be so much in the way surge out here as makes its way in from the front side. they know they are already this flooding. we talked about it before, a of high tides coming in the waves preventing the out so it coming back piles up and overflows from the bay on the backside of the .sland this is one of the reasons the has a mandatory evacuation o
. >> as we mentioned, suzanne kennedy is in st. louis. "she joins us now live outside of busch stadium. >> some money people have their sights set on this day since baseball returned to d.c. in 2005. take a look behind me pittsburgh transplanted. right now, it's the top of the ninth and we are up -- take a look behind me at the third base side. playoff baseball for nats fans. >> go nats! >> they have been season-ticket holders since 2005. >> we are so excited. it's our first playoff game ever. we are grateful our team is doing well. we are so proud. >> i do not think they had expectations to do so well this year. >> the gates open two hours before the first pitch they were among the first in the stadium. >> we have been a season ticket holders cents a game 1. >> i grew up an orioles fan because there was no team. i would really love to see an orioles-nationals world series. >> he made the trip of a lifetime with his 13 year-old son. >> it's great. now we get to see some of the good come out of it. it's fantastic. >> it's incredible to see them here. it means a lot. >> back live here in
to speak out against the u.s. involvement in the vietnam war. former new mexico governor bill richardson spoke today about mcgovern's impact on our country. demi -- >> very sad. i think he will be remembered for his contributions on agriculture, on hunger, and then the democratic party. he transformed the party, the primary system, getting minorities involved. >> most people remember mcgovern for his run for president in 1972 against president richard nixon. among the missteps in his campaign, mcgovern was forced to dump his running mate thomas eagleton after it was learned he had a history of psychic -- psychiatric problems. nixon won by a landslide. mcgovern ran again in 1984 but dropped out because of poor primary showings. his words from that campaign still resonate today. >> the question is not -- are we better off than we were four years ago? the question is -- where will america be four years from now? [applause] what is the american future? what kind of america do we want to be? >> mcgovern helped transform the democratic party nomination process and to what it is today. he scale
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4